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BigCommerce Big Open Data Solutions

BigCommerce has introduced the BigCommerce Big Open Data Solutions, a full product suite featuring both native and best-of-breed partner data solutions that give merchants the ability to aggregate, analyze, understand and use online store data to gain insight into customer behavior to enhance decision-making and improve business performance.

Accessible through the BigCommerce Control Panel, Big Open Data Solutions provides merchants with the flexibility and control to use pre-built integrations with Google BigQuery and Twilio Segment to securely transfer their storefront data to a data warehouse or a customer data platform (CDP), respectively. Merchants will have the opportunity to work directly with these and other BigCommerce partners to set up and connect with solutions across data warehousing, business intelligence, customer data platforms, analytics and personalization, reducing development costs and barrier of entry to get up and running.

With Big Open Data Solutions’ native integration to the Google BigQuery data warehouse, merchants can centralize all data into a single location for analytical insights that can connect to popular business intelligence tools such as Google Data Studio to generate customized reporting across their customer, order and product catalog data. Customer data platforms such as Twilio Segment allow merchants to centralize storefront shopper behavioral data and create a unified customer profile to improve customer experiences.

Unifying data from disparate data sources into a single location gives merchants a more holistic view of store activity to better optimize business operations, create personalized customer experiences and develop targeted marketing and promotion campaigns that further drive revenue growth and profitability.

Big Open Data Solutions currently includes:

  • Analytics: BigCommerce Analytics & Insights,, PayHelm, Google Analytics, DynamicAction, Trendalytics
  • Business Intelligence: Google Data Studio
  • Customer Data Platform: Twilio Segment
  • Data Warehousing: Google BigQuery
  • Personalization:, Dynamic Yield, LimeSpot, Nosto
  • Web Analytics: Facebook Pixel and Conversion API, Google Analytics