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QuickBooks Commerce

Today, Intuit launched QuickBooks Commerce, a business management platform to help small businesses attract and sell to new customers across multiple channels and ultimately grow their business. QuickBooks Commerce is the central hub that small businesses have been looking for — where they can access multiple sales channels, integrate existing ones, manage orders and fulfillment, sync inventory across online and offline channels, avoid stockouts and get profitability insights.

QuickBooks Commerce is an open platform, so small businesses can integrate existing channels while expanding to new ones and have it all managed within QuickBooks. QuickBooks Commerce connects with marketplaces, websites and sales system providers to provide a diverse array of options suited to the needs of all small business owners— no matter where they sell. E-commerce partners will cover a wide range of online and in-person sales options, including collaborations with Amazon, ShopKeep, and Squarespace.

QuickBooks Commerce will make it easier for both existing and new sellers, including brick-and-mortar businesses, to sell on Amazon’s store, reducing complexity in managing their sales. Sellers using Amazon’s fulfillment capabilities to sell in the Amazon store or on other e-commerce websites can use QuickBooks to manage their cross-channel sales so they can focus on growing their business.