Ace Shareware4You started out life in 2004 as a humble software downloads site with a small number of available products. It grew in quality and quantity in subsequent years. Many of its listed products regularly appeared on the first pages of the main search engines (Google, Yahoo etc.) for their major keywords.

The website technology was updated periodically over the initial years. However from 2010 onwards the focus switched from Ace Shareware4You to the development and promotion of many single product/brand websites.

Some years of benign neglect and lack of investment in Ace Shareware4You led to a slide in ratings, ranking and revenue. Because the website was relatively slow and no longer SEO friendly its eventual demise became a certainty.

A simple choice therefore existed. Give up and die or come back fighting. Let Ace Shareware4You slip slowly down into the murky depths of internet obscurity or resurrect and rearm to go back into battle with the business big guns.


The decision was taken to get right back into the fight.

Two positives were Ace Shareware4You's longevity, in internet terms, and its backlinks that it had accumulated over the years.

To be competitive Ace Shareware4You would require a complete technology transformation. However the domain name,, and the Ace Shareware4You title needed to be retained. Shopify was selected as the best available technology platform for the new website.

The same again or bigger and better?

Bigger and better of course!

The new Ace Shareware4You website has expanded its horizons beyond just Software. It now also offers Hardware, Hosting and Training products and services.

The Hardware category does not confine itself to computer hardware products. It also has sections that offer everything from audio, camera, home appliance, office and phone products and services to TVs and DVD Players.

In a similar manner Training is not confined to IT training but also offers training products and services for general certification, insurance, real estate, and standards.

In its initial stages, from April 2016 onwards, the website will have relatively few products. This is only a temporary situation. A considerable portfolio of high quality and great value products covering all sections of Software, Hardware, Hosting and Training has been assembled. These products are being added to the website as quickly as possible. However the portfolio has thousands of products so it will take time and resources to add them to the website.


Ace Shareware4You has been designed to eventually become a one stop website for the software, hardware, hosting and training needs of both IT professionals and members of the general public.

The vision for the future sees Ace Shareware4You with such a very comprehensive range of products and services that software, hardware, hosting and training requirements will be satisfied without having to leave the website.

Your Support

Your support in helping to make Ace Shareware4You an online resource center for the software, hardware, hosting, and the training needs of both IT professionals and members of the general public is much appreciated.

If you agree that high quality products and services are available on Ace Shareware4You, at a reasonable price, then please recommend this website to family, friends and work colleagues.