Acer Switch One 10

Acer Switch One 10

The Acer Switch One 10 2-in-1 notebook is designed for students and budget-conscious families. Combining a full-featured notebook together with a removable tablet, it provides the best of both worlds to those who desire productivity and entertainment in one smart device. The Switch One 10 extends Acer’s industry-leading lineup of innovative 2-in-1 notebooks, which are available in a wide range of configurations to meet the demands of different consumers.


A Perfect Mix of Power and Versatility

The Acer Switch One 10 features Windows 10 and the latest quad-core Intel Atom processor for best-in-class performance and productivity. It has a multi-touch 10-inch screen with IPS technology for wide-viewing angles and vivid colors, while Precision Touchpads enable accurate, smooth and responsive navigation experiences, and support Windows 10 Precision Touchpad gestures. With the Acer Snap Hinge latch-less magnetic hinge design, the device utilizes Continuum to easily transform into four versatile usage modes to best suit the need at the moment:

  • Notebook: Traditional laptop/clamshell mode for efficient keyboard and touchpad productivity. Ideal for doing research, composing documents and performing spreadsheet calculations.
  • Pad: Remove the display and use it as a standalone touchscreen tablet. Excellent for entertainment so sit back to watch your favorite TV series or play games after a long day at school or work.
  • Tent: Place the tablet and keyboard in a tent (or “A” formation) to use the touchscreen in tight spaces like on long train journey, cross-country airplane trip, or simply at home to view a recipe on a crowded kitchen counter.
  • Display: This mode connects the tablet facing away from the keyboard to offer a sleek way to present videos at small events or other types of gatherings.

Acer Switch One 10: Flexible 2-in-1 Functionality at an Extremely Attractive Price-Point

The Switch One 10 comes with a stylish dark grey brushed-metal cover, and offers flexible 2-in-1 Windows 10 functionality at an extremely attractive price-point. The Switch One 10’s tablet detaches effortlessly to share with kids when they want to watch their favorite shows or play games, while also providing ample productivity when parents need to get some work done at home.  

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