Acronis Backup 12 Windows PC

Acronis Backup 12 Windows PC

Easy Backup for Your PC or Laptop

Protect and backup your workstations from hardware failure, viruses/malware, and file corruption.

When a computer crashes, you are faced with expensive, disruptive downtime and the risk of permanent data loss. Now you can fully restore an entire system in minutes and get back to work! Acronis Backup is the most effective solution for complete PC backup and data protection. It combines easy-to-use tools with unique backup technology to provide the fastest and easiest recovery available.

  • Back up and protect entire PC or laptop with patented reliable disk imaging technology
  • Restore corrupted files, crashed applications, or a full system with a few simple clicks
  • Back up your PCs to several safe locations (including our secure, off-site cloud backup to Acronis Cloud Storage)
  • Restore an entire PC to a new, dissimilar hardware reliably without worrying about incompatibilities
  • Save time and storage with incremental backups and compression

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Acronis Backup makes your backup and recovery exceptionally easy!

  • Install and configure quickly with few clicks or touches
  • Access easy-to-use web console from any mobile device
  • Eliminate guesswork with smart backups that capture everything needed for complete recovery
  • Keep track of changes without interrupting any workflows with automated backups
  • Recover a PC to new, different hardware without worrying about incompatibilities

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Only Acronis Backup

Protects every user by backing up Windows PCs and tablets, Mac computers, iPads, iPhones and any Android devices.

Delivers cloud and on-premise data protection for your entire business, providing you with a unified web console to back up and recover all your individual workloads.

Backs up your on-premise physical and virtual systems and applications, as well as your Microsoft Azure VMs and Amazon EC2 instances for complete protection of your entire IT infrastructure.

Protects your VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V hosts (not just VMs) and recovers them to dissimilar hardware for complete protection of your virtual infrastructure.

Includes Acronis Instant Restore, reducing your recovery time objectives (RTOs) to seconds by running any physical or virtual Windows or Linux system backup as a VMware or Hyper-V virtual machine (VM).

Gives you complete control over the location of your data, systems, and backups — ensuring that you always know where your company data is, even if it is stored in the cloud.