Acronis Backup Advanced for RHEV/KVM 12

Efficient RHEV/KVM Backup and Data Recovery

Protect your entire RHEV/KVM environment with efficient backups, flexible storage, and ultra-fast data recovery—all managed from one easy-to-use dashboard.

Keeping virtual data safe can be a complex undertaking that demands smart, efficient solutions that simplify rather than complicate critical tasks. Keep it simple with Acronis Backup Advanced—the fastest, most efficient way to protect your entire RHEV/KVM environment.

Full RHEV/KVM Backups

Acronis Backup Advanced combines patented image-based backups with seamless RHEV Manager integration to capture your entire setup quickly and easily.

Application Support

Acronis Backup Advanced includes the ability to capture application data for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, and SharePoint running on RHEV VMs.

Hybrid Data Protection

For complete peace of mind, Acronis Backup Advanced can create and send multiple backup copies to both local storage and the Acronis cloud—without any additional steps!

Fast, Flexible Recovery

Our near-instant recovery technology allows you to restore individual files, application data, or an entire VM—all from the same backup! We also offer the flexibility of restoring data to its original location or to an entirely new one (even a completely different hypervisor platform).

Acronis Backup Advanced protects hybrid physical and virtual environments with a unified management console. You can protect your RHEV/KVM environment, and expand protection to your physical servers, other virtualization hosts and even workstations to protect your entire business.


Universal Restore

Included with all Acronis backup solutions, this unique data recovery technology gives you the convenient ability to instantly restore backups to any machine, regardless of platform. Now you can restore files, configurations, applications, or an entire system to the same hardware, to different hardware, or to a virtual server—all with a few simple clicks!

Specialized Backups for RHEV/KVM

Acronis Backup Advanced is fully integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV), allowing you to manage backups from within your RHEV environment. Acronis Backup Advanced use block-level incremental backups to reduce the volume of backup data, ensuring that your VM backups are always fast and successful.

RHEV Manager Integration

Acronis Backup Advanced is fully integrated with RHEV Manager, and provides automatic discovery of all your VMs. You can select all VMs, groups of VMs, or individual VMs for backup, and you can identify and recover individual VMs as quickly as possible.

Recover any server as a Virtual Machine

Acronis makes it easy for you to quickly recover any physical or virtual server backup as a VM, or simply clone a backup as a VM for development/testing.

Direct-To-Tape Backups

Acronis Backup Advanced lets you back up directly to tape drives, autoloaders and libraries. You can also copy or stage your backups to up to 4 additional backup copies to multiple locations (disk, tape, or cloud), thereby maximizing your recovery options and reliability.

Server Migration

Easily migrate a server between any physical and virtual platform with Acronis’ proprietary Unified Backup Format. This technology lets you recover any backup to any server in any location.

Application Support

In addition to protecting your VMs, Acronis Backup Advanced also includes application-specific support of Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Active Directory data. This ensures data consistency and easy, granular recovery of individual items (such as files, emails, and documents).

Disaster Recovery

In the event of a hardware failure or natural disaster, Acronis’ patented disk imaging approach ensures the fastest bare-metal restore! Recover an entire server in minutes, minimizing expensive downtime.

Direct Performance Management

Ensure optimal VM performance during backups, as Acronis Backup Advanced lets you control your environment by balancing VM backups across your RHEV servers. Acronis Backup Advanced also includes bandwidth and disk-write speed throttling to maintain good system performance during backup routines.

Efficient Incremental Backups

Incremental backups identify only the changes made since the last backup, significantly reducing backup time and any impact on network bandwidth or backup storage.


Built-in source and target variable block size data deduplication minimizes data movement. This helps reduce the cost of additional storage and alleviate network loads.

Centralized Management/Reporting

Acronis Backup Advanced includes a centralized management and reporting console. Manage and report on all backup operations for all physical and virtual machines, and applications from a single dashboard.

Modular Architecture

Acronis Backup Advanced's flexible modular architecture allows you to expand data protection at any time. Start with your immediate needs, then, as your business grows, simply protect new physical servers, virtual systems, and workstations—without having to install a whole new backup environment!

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