Adobe Project Felix

Adobe Project Felix

You already think in 3D. Now design in it.

Create high-quality, photo-realistic images. Felix makes it easy to composite 2D and 3D assets. Build product shots, scene visualizations, and abstract art. Made for graphic designers, not 3D experts.

No 3D experience? No problem.

Composite 3D and 2D assets into photo-realistic images without steep learning curves or complex workflows. Just drag and drop a 3D model, material, and a light into your scene. Then choose your background image. Felix automatically detects the horizon line and provides gridlines to help you align and place your model. Felix can even use the background image to generate the right lighting.

Set the scene with Adobe Stock.

Felix comes with a free starter library of models, materials and lights to help you get going the moment you open it. You can search and license 3D and 2D assets from Adobe Stock, then save them to your Creative Cloud Libraries and work with them directly in Felix.

See it in real time.

With Felix, you can preview your design as you go. Experiment and edit your ideas without having to render a final image to see your work. You can also enlarge the preview window to see details up close. When you’re ready, render your design into a high-quality asset you can save and then open in Photoshop to refine further.

Let Felix do the work.

Play. Explore. Experiment. Felix makes it easy. Use selection and camera tools to change angles and perspective. Buttons, sliders, and setting options let you stylize details like the glossiness of the material and the intensity of the light. Felix makes automatic adjustments as you go.

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