Autodesk Maya 2017


Autodesk Maya 2017 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software offers artists a comprehensive creative toolset. These tools provide a starting point to realize your vision in modeling, animation, lighting, and VFX.

See how Autodesk Maya 2017 software enables you to tackle challenging character creation and digital animation productions. Get powerful, integrated effect and tools on a robust, extensible CG pipeline core.


Dynamics & effects

Adaptive foam in Bifrost
Add froth, foam, and bubbles to liquid simulations.

Faster, easier-to-use XGen
Updated workflow, presets, sculpting, and preview.

Guided simulation in Bifrost
Drive the behavior of liquids.

Adaptive Aero solver in Bifrost
Create atmospheric effects, such as smoke and mist.

Bifrost procedural effects platform
Simulate and render photorealistic liquids.

XGen Arbitrary Primitive Generator
Generate curves, spheres, and custom geometry.

Bullet Physics
Create realistic rigid and soft-body simulations.

Maya nHair
Create hair and curve-based dynamics.

Maya nParticles
Simulate complex 3D visual effects.

Maya nCloth
Create realistic deformable materials.

Maya Fluid Effects
Simulate atmospherics, liquids, and open water.

Rigid and soft-body dynamics
Simulate multiple rigid and flexible objects.

Maya Fur
Create realistic fur, short hair, wool, and grass.

3D animation

Parallel rig evaluation
New system speeds rig playback and manipulation.

Delta Mush deformer
Deformation results are closer to original geometry.

General animation tools
Keyframe, procedural, and scripted animation tools.

Natural-looking character creation
Skin, rig, and pose believable characters.

Reusable animation
Reuse existing characters to save time.

Camera Sequencer
Speed previsualization and virtual moviemaking.

Geodesic Voxel Binding
Get high-quality skinning results in less time.

3D modeling

3D Type
Create branding, logos, titles, and other text.

Improved vector graphics workflow
Import or copy and paste SVG files into Maya.

New sculpting toolset
Sculpt and shape models more intuitively.

Streamlined retopology toolset
Streamline workflows for easier retopology.

Polygon modeling
Model more quickly and reliably.

OpenSubdiv support
Accelerate performance with interactive workflows.

UV toolset
Create better UVs in less time.

Polygon and subdivision mesh modeling
Create and edit meshes using an intuitive toolset.

Surface modeling
Create mathematically smooth surfaces.

UVs, normals, and color-per-vertex
Streamline UV creation and editing.

Pipeline integration

Enhanced game engine workflows
Move from Maya to game engines faster and more easily.

Scripting and API
Create custom scripts and plug-ins.

2D and 3D integration
Take advantage of streamlined workflows.

Data and scene management tools
Manage data and scenes with specialized workflows.

Scene Assembly tools for smarter data
Create large, complex worlds more easily.

Advanced file path handling
Quickly diagnose and fix broken file paths.

3D rendering & imaging

Additional look development shading nodes
Shade complex scenes more easily.

Enhanced look development workflow
Hypershade work is more artist-friendly and intuitive.

Color management
Preserve creative intent with color-safe workflows.

Integrated renderer options
Choose from a wide range of integrated renderers.

Painting in Maya
Use intuitive brush-based tools.

Toon Shader
Create cartoon animations from 3D scenes.

Next-gen viewport display and shading
Work in a higher-fidelity interactive environment.

ShaderFX 3D shading
Easily create 3D shading effects.

Rendering, 3D shading, and camera tracking
Produce high-quality images with a range of tools.

Ptex support in mental ray
Render Ptex UV-less textures in mental ray.

Maya Composite
Get a high-performance, HDR-capable compositor.

Professional camera tracking
Insert CG elements into a live-action scene.

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