Bluehost WordPress Hosting


We're turning our passion for WordPress into the most amazing managed platform for your WordPress websites ever.

Built on revolutionary VPS technology, we’ve engineered a unique architecture designed to make WordPress scream. Everything you need to make WordPress websites secure, easy to use, and extremely fast comes standard.

Enjoy exclusive, 24/7 access to our dedicated team of Bluehost-trained WordPress experts.

We work to not only power the best WordPress platform, but to help WordPress thrive. We host over 1 million WordPress websites, support full-time WordPress Core developers on staff, and sponsor WordCamps worldwide.


Instant Provisioning

Thanks to our pioneering approach to OpenStack, your server is up and running in seconds.

Guaranteed Resources

Using KVM hypervisor, your resources are always assigned to you alone and never impacted by others.

Enhanced cPanel

Easily manage your WordPress websites as well as email, domains, and advanced features with our custom-built tools.


Every plan includes dedicated backup storage and we automate backups of your WordPress websites ensuring your data is always safe.

Dynamic Upgrades

Instantly add more CPU, RAM, and SAN storage on the fly as needed in just a click.

Custom Technology

We only use the best hardware, all built and managed in-house by experts to deliver the best performance.

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