Canon imageSPECTRUM (Version 5.1)


Recognizing the need for clearer images to help treat patients, the latest version of Canon imageSPECTRUM, Version 5.1, contains a new opacity suppression feature, a selectable filter tool that subdues the effects of cataracts and other ocular opacities in an image. This helps to correct blur and enhance the clarity of blood vessels. Without this feature, images with ocular opacities make it difficult for eye care professionals to take a clear image of the eye, allowing ailments to potentially go unnoticed. Using the opacity suppression filter, images that were previously rejected can now provide vital clinical information without the use of additional tools.

Designed for use with Canon retinal cameras, imageSPECTRUM Software is the Canon imaging software for eye care professionals (cameras sold separately). Available for use with the Windows 7, imageSPECTRUM delivers capabilities that can help enhance patient care, including intelligent, efficient management of images with the reliability of the Canon brand. The easy-to-use interface can be used as a standalone workstation or as part of a network solution. DICOM centric in its design, imageSPECTRUM adheres to industry standards, mitigating future obsolescence.

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Rapid Review

The Rapid Review configuration provides quick access to images after completing a study using imageSPECTRUM Review, foregoing the sending of studies to the imageSPECTRUM Server before viewing.


Both the imageSPECTRUM Review client and the imageSPECTRUM Server can delay the transmission of studies from client to server or server to server, so studies may be sent during a preconfigured time when network bandwidth is optimal.

Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) Display

The FAF image may be superimposed over a color image to enhance subtle differences.

Diagnostic (Dx) Tags

Specific diagnostic tags (i.e. Glaucoma, AMD (Dry or Wet), Cataract and many more) may be assigned to a specific image. Studies may be sorted by their Dx tag and automatically sent to the printer.

File Formats

Images may be exported to a CD or Removable Storage Media in jpg, tif, bmp or png formats, with or without patient identifiable information. Annotations may also be burned directly into the image.

Specialized Tools

The RGB mode splits the display into four panes including the original image, blue channel, red channel, and green channel. A partial or full Emboss may be used to enhance the topography of the retina in the evaluation of macular degeneration, glaucoma, and other retinopathy. The entire retina may be embossed and the disc or macula area may be embossed separately.

Viewing Formats and Annotations

The Cup-to-Disc ratio may assist with assessing the progression of glaucoma and the PDT Marker allows you to circumscribe a PDT lesion, recording inner and outer diameters, as well as a square area. A variety of annotation tools are available including macular grid, laser treatment patterns, and many more.

The Image Comparison mode compares images against one another. The images may be selected from the study currently being viewed or from a different study. Image Comparison provides multiple layouts of two, four, six, or eight images.

Reports, Printing and Exporting

The Report feature of imageSPECTRUM provides the ability to add more information to a study than just images. It provides a form with multiple tabs that allow for additional information to be input regarding various aspects of the patient and study. The tabs include demographics, study, history information, findings-right eye, findings-left eye, outcome, and comments. The imageSPECTRUM software provides the ability to print the images which are displayed on the screen. Images may be exported to a CD in jpg, tif or png formats with or without patient study information. Annotations may also be burned directly into the image.

Printers and Projectors

If your imaging requirements include color or black-and-white prints in a variety of sizes, Canon printers offer the terrific blend of print quality, ease-of-use, speed, and cost-effective operation. For teaching facilities and conference rooms, Canon's high quality projectors provide LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) technology, which is engineered to provide exceptional color, intricate details, and easy-to-read type.

Total System

Canon imageSPECTRUM can help enhance patient care. Combined with a retinal camera, high-resolution EOS Digital SLR Camera, and reliable capture control software, eye care practices are provided with efficient management of images. Complete your exam suite by incorporating other Canon technologies to output high-resolution eyecare images such as a printer or projector.

DICOM Compliance

As a global provider of total digital imaging and workflow management solutions for eyecare professionals, Canon has developed imageSPECTRUM as a tool to enhance productivity and patient management for any eyecare practice. imageSPECTRUM provides a powerful DICOM Standard-compliant ("DICOM") repository, as well as review tools for ophthalmic images. The imageSPECTRUM Server directly interfaces to selected DICOM modalities for storage of images, while also providing a DICOM Query and Retrieve worklist for DICOM review applications to access these images. Working in conjunction with imageSPECTRUM Review, a DICOM-centric application, users are provided imaging tools which enable them to view and manipulate images for analysis.

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