Canon Retinal Imaging Control Software (RICS)


Canon Retinal Imaging Control Software (RICS) provides efficient workflow management using DICOM Modality Worklist and Modality Performed Procedure Step Service Classes. RICS allows images to be created, stored, viewed and processed and will support local or network storage. Completed studies may be saved in a local database or transmitted to a PACS for permanent archiving and enterprise wide viewing and reporting.

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Anonymize is used to protect patient identity.

RGB splits the display into four panes to show nerve fiber layer (NFL), Retina and Choroid layers.

Compare allows two images to be viewed side by side.

Stereo allows two images to be featured in a left view and right view.

FA with Timer
FA real-time image sequence timer is stamped on the image when exported.

30° Setting
The 30° setting can be incorporated into the software upon request.

Easy PhotoPrint and Export
Images may be exported as .DCM, .JPEG or .TIFF files for EMR and hard copies may be produced for record keeping using a select Canon color printer.

When integrated with imageSPECTRUM Image Management Software (sold separately), users can take advantage of advanced tools such as Emboss, Mosaic, Macular Grid, PDT Marker, and many more.

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