Canvas X 16 GIS


Faster and more powerful than its predecessor, Canvas 15 + GIS, Canvas X 16 GIS is specially designed to make it possible for engineers, and technical graphics and GIS professionals to illustrate, map, and communicate with confidence.

Canvas X 16 GIS boasts a complete geographic information system module. This includes providing a powerful set of GIS-based features and commands that support a range of geospatial data formats, defining complex map projections, and performing advanced property operations. New 64-bit optimization allows you to quickly open and work with documents containing over a million objects. With support for DPI settings for high resolution monitors, this feature-packed software is an essential tool for GIS professionals in the oil & gas and energy sectors, aerospace and automotive industries, education, and government.

Canvas X 16 GIS can import and export a wide array of geospatial data formats.

Canvas X 16 GIS’s unique and integrated design environment makes it possible for users to work with and combine all graphical elements, and to apply high-end effects in a single document. Technical illustrators can now open and manipulate documents with over one million objects in seconds vs. minutes.

New Features

Now optimized to support 64-bit operating systems natively, Canvas X 16 GIS is quick, agile, and capable of working with GIS documents with over 1 million objects. With the speed of Canvas X 16 GIS’s most commonly-used operations amped up, you will fly through your geospatial projects quicker and more efficiently. UI improvements allow for smoother, cleaner object editing. With a long list of supported geospatial file formats available for import and export, now including ESRI file Geodatabases, Canvas X 16 GIS is truly provisioned for GIS professionals.