Carbonite Server Advanced


Carbonite Server Advanced ia a true backup and disaster recovery solution that gives businesses bare metal recovery and flexible, granular protection for their critical server data.

Any threat to your data is a threat to your business. Carbonite Server Backup protects an unlimited number of physical and virtual servers on-site and in the cloud for ultra-reliable protection and fast recovery, with prices starting at just $899.99 per year.



Hybrid (local & cloud) backup protects business data no matter what the situation:

  • Back up locally, to the cloud or both
  • Local backup enables fastest possible recovery time
  • Cloud backup ensures disaster preparedness
  • Back up to DAS, NAS and SAN
  • Granular protection of system state, databases, live applications & Hyper-V


BMR simplifies recovery and reduces recovery time objective (RTO):

  • Image backup protects system state, OS, applications, files and settings in one pass
  • Rapid recovery of both individual files or full system
  • Restore to new, existing or dissimilar hardware from bare metal with no OS or other software installation required


Carbonite is the safest way to reap rewards when virtualizing:

  • Complete snapshot protection with full backup capability
  • Protect Hyper-V VMs at the hypervisor level
  • Schedule full and incremental backups flexibly and frequently
  • Restore VM disks to any local machine
  • Recover files with a simple drag and drop or cut and past

Configure, Customize & Control

You've got better things to do than babysit your backup. With just a few settings, create consistent, automated policies and prevent user error.

  • Bandwidth settings and throttling allow you to optimize network usage and manage network traffic
  • Manage backup sets, retention policies, security settings and notifications
  • Monitor backups and storage from any connected device through the web-based dashboard

Growth Without Penalties

Choose a plan based on what you need to back up, then add storage and devices to your backup affordably and with complete flexibility.

  • Starter amount of cloud storage included at no additional charge
  • Add more cloud storage at affordable rates to handle your growing business’s data
  • Add local storage devices, applications or databases with no additional license fees

Simple Setup & Support

Carbonite is easy to set up by yourself or with help from our award-winning U.S.-based business support team.

  • Install software, configure settings and start backing up in minutes
  • Use free valet install and have a Carbonite business team member install and set up the software for you
  • Call, email or chat with our U.S.-based business support team, 7 days a week