CDN for Advertising, Gaming, Publishing & Software Distribution

CDN Solution for Your Business


With our 100% uptime SLA we guarantee your ads are being served at all times.

Flexible Configuration
Instant activation of zones (CNAMES) means you can quickly launch a new advertising campaign.

With an SSD-based network and Anycast DNS your ads load lightning fast no matter what website they're on.


Instant Purging
Give gamers your latest content. Remove old versions instantly.

Realtime Analytics
See how gamers are interacting with your gaming content now - not tomorrow.

100% control over how you deliver content with a developer-friendly API.

Hosting Providers & Resellers

Part of Your Team
Our hosting pedigree allows us to understand your unique needs. From sales to support, we have your back.

Custom UI
Increase your ROI by integrating our CDN into your UI using our RESTful API, or use our whitelabel CDN manager to instantly add CDN to your offerings.

Instant SSL Integration
Our automated SSL integration allows your customers to install custom and wildcard SSL certificates within minutes.


Rewrite with Conditionals
Make posted image links go directly to a page and not just the image. Monetize your bandwidth and create the opportunity to tell the complete story. It's a win-win.

Modify Canonical Headers
Have search engines link to the original source in search results for better SEO.

Instant Purge
Make sure your audience is viewing your latest, approved content. Invalidate stale content instantly.

Software Distribution

Instant Propagation
Have your file on the edge to download instantly.

Error Rate
Low error rates mean more files are downloaded without interruption. Get complete files to your customers in less time.

Connect fast and deliver even faster using our large file global network.

Why MaxCDN?

    Global Presence
    Put your content closer to all of your end users with our high-speed global edge locations.
        Smart Acceleration
        Deliver your content on the fastest route possible with exceptional traffic shaping logic and wholly-owned routers.
            Smart Network
            We remove obstacles between users and your content with our 600+ ISP peering agreements.

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