Dashlane Business


Dashlane Business provides organizations with a powerful, yet simple platform to manage their passwords. The software is backed by Dashlane's patented security architecture that includes a master password, known only by the user and never stored or transmitted by Dashlane, as well as local encryption that secures all critical data.

The dynamic admin console in Dashlane Business allows IT professionals to have comprehensive and real-time control over an organization's password health. The console will enable admins to easily identify potential areas of weakness on both the group and individual levels, allowing IT managers to embrace user-adopted "shadow IT" and strengthen the weakest security link – employees. Dashlane quickly brings all of these accounts under the control of the employee, and the IT manager.


  • Easy-to-Deploy: Dashlane Business provides IT management with a smooth deployment process that requires minimal setup time. It also offers a simple onboarding and offboarding process; new employees can be added in a matter of minutes and exiting employees can be removed from the system without losing any of their personal information stored in Dashlane.
  • Central Admin Console: This feature is a robust management tool that provides access control and an overview of password security at the individual and organizational level, without violating employee privacy. It provides a comprehensive analysis of an organization's password health that IT professionals often lack.
  • Proprietary Semantic Engine: Dashlane's proprietary Semantic Engine DashIQ is a cutting-edge capability that is not offered by any other product. This powerful engine offers the most accurate page analysis in the industry, which in turn enables Dashlane auto-fill and auto-login to work on every website.
  • Personal + Team Spaces: Dashlane Business groups user credentials into Personal and Team spaces, which enables them to securely separate their personal passwords from their work passwords. This means IT managers get the insights they need while respecting the privacy of employees.

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