Grammar Check

Good grammar, superb sentence structure, spelling and proper punctuation all go hand in hand if you ask any professional writer or academic. With that being said, there sure is a lot you need to keep in mind, so it’s not always easy!

An excellent grammar checker can prove to be invaluable and you'll find that by using one to check and edit your text, it will flow better and be elevated to a new level. Your thoughts will be easily translated into words and those words will be understood and enjoyed by your readers.

Whether you are a native or non-native English speaker, a student or professor, published author or keen blogger, using a grammar check to check your grammar and edit your text is the perfect recipe for flawless writing.

Now, some of us are a little more rusty on our English and don’t just need an editing tool to pick up on the odd error here or there. Understanding what we wrote wrong and being able to learn from our mistakes is an important step that shouldn’t be missed if you want to improve. Any grammar error that is detected by the grammar checker comes with an easy to understand explanation of the rule behind the error, in addition to the suggested corrections.

Write more confidently, knowing that your grammar checker and your sentence checker have your back in all the following areas:

  • Incomplete Sentences
  • Fragments
  • Run-On Sentences
  • Subject-Verb Disagreements
  • Double Negatives
  • Tense Shifts
  • Mechanical Mistakes Like Misspellings
  • Incorrect Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Dangling Modifiers
  • Sentence Units
  • Object Clauses
  • Sentence Fragments.
  • Comma Splices.
  • Missing Words
  • Fused Sentences