QuickBooks Self-Employed

Hey freelancers, contractors, and home-based entrepreneurs. This new QuickBooks is different — and made just for you!

QuickBooks Online Self-Employed enables freelancers, independent contractors and home-based entrepreneurs to:

  • Connect accounts: Import bank and credit card transactions to easily track income and expenses with no data entry required.
  • Categorize by click: Mark a transaction as “business” by simply clicking a button, or swiping a finger across a mobile app, letting entrepreneurs instantly categorize IRS Schedule C deductions.
  • Stack up savings: Track deductions all year round to help entrepreneurs save time and money.
  • Simplify taxes: Calculate estimated quarterly and year-end taxes so there are no surprises in April.
  • Count on security: Be confident that bank-grade encryption protects information, keeping it safe and secure.


  • Quarterly taxes estimated for you
  • Connect accounts to see income & spending
  • Track expenses in one click (or swipe on the go)
  • Got an accountant? We've got tax-ready reports
  • Maximize deductions like home office and mileage
  • Count on security with bank-grade encryption