RingCentral Contact Center


Your customers are worth it.

From the leaders in cloud communications and cloud contact centers comes a new solution that empowers customers and call center managers like never before. RingCentral Contact Center, powered by inContact, delivers powerful, multichannel capabilities that let customers decide how they want to engage with you. The comprehensive feature set enables you to resolve issues faster and more effectively and increase customer loyalty.

Manage change effortlessly.

For such a powerful solution, RingCentral Contact Center is surprisingly nimble. The ability to add and remove agents instantly benefits every organization, especially those that experience seasonal demand. Remote agents can log on anywhere there’s an internet connection. And scheduling, tracking, and training agents are enabled by a full suite of workforce management and optimization tools.

Give customers a choice.

Customer service often involves problem solving, so it helps to put customers in a good frame of mind. RingCentral Contact Center lets customers reach you on the channel of their choice. This includes voice, email, web chat, fax, and SMS. Handoffs between channels occur seamlessly, furthering the impression of a company that values its customers. When you win their hearts, you’ll win their business. Soon your contact center will pay for itself.

Go with a leader.

Not every company requires an entire communications suite. In this case, simply adding a world-class contact center offers the perfect solution. For companies that want more, however, RingCentral offers an end-to-end, best-in-class communications solution that features integration with leading business applications from Google, Salesforce.com, Zendesk, Box, and more.

Enjoy transparent pricing.

RingCentral brings transparency to the way you purchase a contact center solution, with all-inclusive packaging and a simplified billing statement. Choose from three clearly defined tiers: Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate. White-glove implementation services—including a dedicated implementation advisor, training, collaborative review, and more—ensure that you’ll be up and running quickly.


The new standard that’s anything but standard.

RingCentral Contact Center is a complete, innovative solution that will increase your contact center efficiency. Features such as advanced inbound and outbound media routing and distribution enable you to be more responsive to customers. And because it’s in the cloud, RingCentral Contact Center scales easily, allowing you to add and remove agents on demand. Pair it with RingCentral Office® for an integrated, end-to-end communications solution.

Advanced routing.

RingCentral Contact Center’s interactive voice response (IVR) system reduces your per-interaction cost by letting customers choose the type of help they want, whether agent-based or self-service. Customers can quickly self-solve basic issues such as bill pay and account inquiries, freeing your agents to handle more complex cases. Native support for automated speech recognition and text-to-speech in multiple languages enhances customer satisfaction.

Queuing and distribution.

A modern, skills-based automated call distribution (ACD) engine with multichannel capabilities and support for automatic call-back quickly matches requests in your queue to the agents best equipped to handle them. With native support for voice, chat, SMS, email, and more, the ACD engine lets your customers choose how they want to interact with you. This results in more efficient call resolution, happier customers, and lower total cost of ownership.

Agent and supervisor capabilities.

RingCentral Contact Center’s intuitive web-based tools provide managers and agents with the ability to measure, monitor, and manage operations to achieve peak performance. Caller information is displayed on agents’ screens with computer telephony integration (CTI) screen pops, reducing call handling times and enhancing your customers’ call experience.

Analytics and reporting.

Flexible, user-friendly analytics present key contact center metrics, empowering you to make critical business decisions. Reporting options include prebuilt reports, ad-hoc reporting, and custom-created reports. With up-to-the-minute information made available through easily customizable dashboards, you’re equipped to address problems immediately.

Third-party integrations.

RingCentral Contact Center joins customer data to your contact center with out-of-the-box CRM integration. Pull in customer data from popular CRM platforms or your own custom solution. Connecting information in your contact center with your CRM data enables agents to handle large call volumes quickly and efficiently.

Outbound calling.

Never let a revenue opportunity pass you by. Sales, collections, fund-raising, and customer outreach are enabled by outbound calling. The outbound dialer supports all types of dialing methods, including predictive, preview, and progressive. Intelligent call suppression complies with government regulations. And if inbound call volumes suddenly spike, your solution can optionally reassign outbound agents to inbound queues automatically.