RingCentral Toll-Free Numbers


Toll-free Numbers
Raise your company’s image with a toll-free number, including 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or toll-free vanity numbers.


Give your brand a mark of success
  • Establish a nationwide presence with toll-free number, including 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or toll-free vanity numbers, and make it easy for prospects and customers to call you from anywhere in the U.S.

  • Add additional toll-free numbers for employees, departments, remote offices, and also dedicated fax numbers.

Deliver exceptional service

  • You will never miss a call or fax, and your customers will never hear a busy signal, even if you’re on the phone or receiving a fax transmission.

  • Calls to your toll-free numbers can be routed anywhere in the world. Set your Answering Rules to send calls to your smartphone when you’re traveling, to any office location, or to several devices all at once.

Select a custom vanity number for your business

  • Choose an easy-to-remember or promotional number like 800-YOUR-BIZ to expand your brand visibility.

  • Find a number that works for your company, using flexible search options and a large inventory of numbers.

  • Make it easy for prospects and customers to remember your business number and increase your marketing effectiveness.

One toll-free smart number works for voice and fax

  • You only need one number for voice and fax communication.

  • Simply add your toll-free phone number to your website and business cards as "Phone + Fax."


    Can I forward my current number to RingCentral?

    • Yes. RingCentral has a provisioning relationship with various major phone companies.

    • You can make all necessary arrangements directly from your RingCentral account after you sign up.

    Can I keep my toll free number if I change providers?

    • Yes. As long as you have paid for at least one month of service, you may keep your number.

    • To transfer your toll-free number out of RingCentral, you will need to contact your new provider for instructions.

    • Your account must be active when RingCentral receives the transfer request from your new provider.

    How can I get a vanity number (e.g., 800-CALWINE)?

    • Vanity numbers help customers easily remember your phone number.

    • You can request a toll-free vanity number for your business. There is a $30 setup fee for vanity numbers.

    • For further information please read our vanity number FAQ.

    Can I make international calls using my toll free number?

    • Yes. You can make calls to anywhere in the world and forward your calls to any international number.

    • You can receive international calls to your local number, but not your toll free number at this time.

    What if I already have a toll-free number? Can I transfer it to my RingCentral account?

    • Yes. You can easily and seamlessly transfer your toll-free number to your RingCentral account adding RingCentral features and benefits to your existing toll-free number.