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Easy App Transfer and Management - EaseUS AppMove

EaseUS AppMove is an easy app transfer and management software. Free Trial. Easily transfer apps from C drive to another drive for better performance. Transfer apps to another drive to free up C drive space. Clean up unnecessary system files and useless large files. Correctly uninstall apps and repair damaged apps.

Free Up C Drive Space and Get Better Performance

When your C drive becomes cluttered and slows down your PC, you can try EaseUS AppMove to transfer installed programs from C drive to another drive to effectively recover C drive space.

Reinstall Windows System without Losing Programs Apps

When you are forced to reset your PC or reinstall Windows system to troubleshooting some critical errors or performance issues, you can use EaseUS AppMove to transfer all the apps to a new drive. It's the best way to avoid App reinstallation.

Upgrade to New Disk without App Reinstallation

When you want to move to a larger hard drive or faster SSD,you can try EaseUS AppMove to migrate the installed programs to the new drive.

Move Apps from a Failed Disk/Partition to a New One

If a disk or partition fails, you can use EaseUS AppMove to move installed programs and data to a new partition to ensure that they can continue to access and use their files.